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With our years of experience we can help bring a homeowners project to life even if we are not doing the full remodel. We have expertise in many areas for any project you are undertaking. We can come and help relieve the stress of a project going out of deadline or over budget.

Minneapolis basement remodeling specialists
• Remodeling
• Finishing
• Drywall
• Painting
• Wetbars
• Adding More Living Space
Minneapolis bathroom remodeling specialists
• Demolition
• Drywall Painting
• Fixtures
• Tiling
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Design
Minneapolis kitchen remodeling specialists
• Cabinets
• Countertops
• Drywall & Painting
• Electrical Updates
• Carpentry
• Plumbing
• Appliances
• Flooring
• Tile & Stone


Design Selections


We have experience with many floor covering and installation techniques

Walls & Windows

Drywall and painting is where we started and take great pride in it. We have a great deal of experience in doing creative basement windows or even egress.

Ceiling & texturing

Ultimate builders are experienced in fog, knockdown, orange peel and other creative looks like tin.

Lighting & Electrical

Lighting can make or break your remodel. We pride ourselves or creative lighting solutions to create the feel you are looking for. We have many years experience with wiring spaces and making sure there is the proper amount of power for the space.

Cabinetry & Millwork

We can help with your organization and storage needs. Having your stuff out of the way and organized makes a space feel much better.


Showers, sinks, dishwashers and ice machines all make out daily lives a little easier. These are personal and important and we treat them that way.

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